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Response to New Zealand

Anglican Diocese of Sydney

Archbishop Davies' proposal for New Zealand Anglicans (read more) 25/8/18

Response from the New Zealand Primates (read more) 8/11/18

Correspondence to Primates 13/11/18

Dear Archbishop Donald and Archbishop Philip
Greetings in the name of our risen Saviour.
Thank you for your gracious letter and for providing me with a copy before it is publicly released.
I greatly enjoyed my time with you and other leaders in Hamilton last August. Your hospitality and welcome introduced me to aspects of Māori culture which I found profoundly moving.
At the meeting, I learned more 
of the troubled history of colonialism, which clearly still reverberates within the country and the Church. If any part of my proposal was seen as reinforcing any colonial intervention, I am deeply sorry, as this was not my intention.
Growing up as an Anglican in Australia, I have treasured the Bible, the Thirty-nine Articles and the Book of Common Prayer, which to me express the essence of being Anglican, though I also recognise the cultural differences that Anglicanism may reflect in different countries.
Although I am sorry to hear of the outcome of your deliberations concerning my proposal, I fear that two Anglican Churches will still arise in Aotearoa, but without mutual recognition.  While sad, this is now inevitable. Our General Synod Standing Committee passed a resolution at our meeting on Friday last, which will no doubt be communicated to you separately by the General Secretary. In the resolution, apart from noting the recent decisions of ACANZP have impaired our relationships, as they are in contradiction to Resolution I.10 of Lambeth 1998, it also noted that they were not in accordance with the teaching of Christ in Matthew 19:1-12. We also indicated our support for all Anglicans in Aotearoa, not only those who remain in ACANZP but also those who choose to leave.
We live in a broken world, and sometimes brothers and sisters disagree on the way forward. I am very grateful for the consideration of my proposal which I believe you took seriously and conscientiously. While my purpose in the proposal was specific to the context of your Church, it is true that there are ramifications for the wider Anglican Communion. I thought that ACANZP might be able to give a lead in this regard but it may well be that my lack of understanding of your culture has impeded my ability to find an agreeable way forward. Again, if this has caused offence, I offer my sincere apologies.
I trust that relationships between the Anglican Church of Australia and the ACANZP, while impaired by the decision of your Synod, may still find 
opportunity for fellowship in the name of our risen Saviour in the days ahead.
Grace and peace

The Most Rev Dr Glenn N Davies
Archbishop of Sydney 




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