I am not sure how they keep track of it but the world’s population clicked over to eight billion people on November 15 2022. I am told that the figure is an educated guess. It’s a comfort to know that someone was not sitting at the door signing people in like we did during COVID. 

Back in 1804, the world population was just one billion. One columnist asked “How did this happen?” which I found humorous. My guess is that people have been very busy in the bedroom. To be fair the journalist reflected on the less harsh modern existence: plentiful food, better housing, productive economies and modern healthcare. While some warn the planet of extinction dangers, the journalist noted what a success story the past 200 years have been. 

I think there is a lot for us to be thankful for but amidst the celebrations of such a success story my concerns for the planet were heightened as I read,  “So let us raise a glass to humanity’s achievement in making this planet a liveable place for eight billion people.”  

What’s in a number?

Clearly, the turnstile of life has been getting a workout but perhaps we should note that the figures do not account for an estimated 40-50 million abortions every year or 125,000 abortions per day.  It doesn’t account for the wars and persecutions. But what’s in a number? The Australian Government's gross debt increased from $534 billion in March 2019 to $885 billion in April 2022.  But what’s in a number?  Well, those numbers clearly reflect our amazing capacity to diminish life and amass debt quickly. 

So before we sip on the Chardonnay and celebrate the establishment of a 21st century Babel we might like to consider the accumulated debt of eight billion people before the Kingdom of God. The kind of debt a proud humanity embraces with celebration is the kind of debt that makes any meeting with God, the biggest concern of humanity. 

...the job of the Christian became apparent - to reach eight billion people with the good news of Jesus.

What is truly amazing is that as the numbers increase, the birth of Jesus Christ offers a forgiveness from God sufficient to rescue us all.

What’s in a number? Numbers are not a problem for God, His love really is sufficient for us all.

So, Christians will not be gluing themselves to the roads like groups such as 'Extinction Rebellion' to annoy commuters. Rather, Christians will cling to the cross and humbly confess their failed achievements and raise a glass to the Christmas Child who can save us from our sins and the God in whose will heaven and earth will survive.  

This Christmas, if you’re a real Christian, invite the people of the new Babel to something greater than their own achievements. From the 15th November 2022 the job of the Christian became apparent - to reach eight billion people with the good news of Jesus.