This blog is an invitation to pray for the GAFCON Primates as they meet in London this week

Readers will remember that the Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON) held in Jerusalem in June 2008 marked the beginning of a new gospel movement in the Anglican Communion. Following the Jerusalem conference, the Primates, in September 2008, defined the work of the Council in these words: The twofold task of the Council is “to authenticate and recognise confessing Anglican jurisdictions, clergy and congregations and to encourage all Anglicans to promote the gospel and defend the faith”.

With clarity unusual in Anglican documents, the Primates made this diagnostic statement on the health of the Anglican Communion.

The present reality
We maintain that three new facts of the Anglican Communion must be faced. We are past the time when they can be reversed.
First, some Anglicans have sanctified sinful practices and will continue to do so whatever others may think. Second, churches and even dioceses affected by this disobedience have rightly withdrawn fellowship while wishing to remain authentic Anglicans. So-called 'border-crossing' is another way of describing the provision of recognition and care for those who have been faithful to the teachings of Holy Scripture. Third, there is widespread impaired and broken sacramental communion amongst Anglicans with far-reaching global implications. The hope that we may somehow return to the state of affairs before 2003 is an illusion.

Since the last meeting, the Anglican Province in North America is moving rapidly to formal inauguration in June this year; relentless and ruthless litigation over church property continues apace in the US and Canada (the Vancouver churches have a three-week trial starting 25 May); and a third version of a proposed Anglican Covenant has just been released for discussion.

Against this, the UK branch of the Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans (FCA) is up and running, with a public conference planned for July. The Australian branch has just opened its books for business.

Please pray that God might grant the primates wisdom, clear minds, a firm strategic purpose and above all an unshakeable trust in the sovereign purposes of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.


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