A special Synod to consider a merger of Anglicare and ARV has been delayed.

A merger is being considered as a way of boosting the reach and efficiency of both organisations at a time of considerable change in the aged care and community services environment.

The meeting was first proposed for March 31st, but the Archbishop has written to Synod members advising of a delay until late April.

Archbishop Davies said a number of factors necessitated a postponement.

"While the two organisations came to their common mind in advancing the proposal to Standing Committee at the end of January, Standing Committee did not consider the proposal until its meeting in mid-February." Dr Davies wrote to Synod members.

Dr Davies said a committee has since been reviewing the merger proposal and compiling the information needed by Synod members.

"There are some complex matters to be considered before one can rightly assess the merits of such a merger" Dr Davies said.

He said because Standing Committee doesn't meet until the 21st of March and Easter intervenes then members of Synod would have had only a brief window of opportunity to read and digest the materials before the Synod scheduled for the following week.

"The committee was aware that this is one of the more significant matters to be considered by the Synod in recent years and, with this in mind, considered that "rushing" to a special session on 31 March would neither do justice to the proposal nor honour your time as members of the Synod." the Archbishop wrote.

The special Synod will now be held on Wednesday, 27th April.

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