A movie highlighting the story of Arthur Stace and his handwritten chalk message of Eternity on Sydney streets had a special screening outside St Andrew's Cathedral.

The movie "Written in Chalk: the echo of Arthur Stace" looks at his conversion at St Barnabas, Broadway under the Depression-era Rector RBS Hammond and inspiration to write the 'Eternity' message from a sermon by the Rev John Ridley at Burton St Baptist Church.

The film also looks at how the word Eternity has been used in Australia and around the world since appearing on the Harbour Bridge at the Sydney Millennium Celebrations.

It features interviews with television and media personalities, theatre and opera producers, as well as Christian commentators - each talking about the impact of 'Eternity'.

The open-air screening was endorsed by St Andrew's Cathedral, the Anglican Diocese of Sydney, City of Sydney Council and Town Hall.

It was held in St Andrew's Square at 7.30 pm on Friday 11 November and Saturday 12 November which was the 90th anniversary of when Stace started to write his message on Sydney Streets.

The Dean of Sydney, Canon Sandy Grant, said the story is part of the city’s history. "Be inspired by an iconic bit of Sydney's heritage – Mr Eternity – with the echoes of a great biblical theme still ringing out in our culture today!” 

Feature photo: Channel Nine personality Eddie McGuire in a scene from the film.