The New South Wales Premier, Gladys Berijiklian, has announced that caps on numbers at church services have been eased, although the 4m2 rule is still in force.

The Premier has announced the easing will take place on Friday, 29th January.

Key points:

  • Weddings and funerals are limited to 300 people, subject to the 4m2 rule
  • Places of worship have no cap on numbers as long as the 4m2 rule is applied
  • Mandatory mask-wearing
  • Singing still restricted to 5 song leaders
  • Up to 30 visitors to a home (e.g. home bible study groups) are permitted
  • Up to 50 people to an outdoor gathering 

 The Premier said NSW was "on the verge" of easing the 4m2 rule to 2m2, in "about two weeks time".

"The probability of going back to two square metres should instil people with confidence and they should prepare for that," the Premier said. "These new virulent strains of the virus - we are still working out what they are doing and we need to mitigate against any super spreading events. So we think it is appropriate to take that two weeks before we go back to two square metre settings."

Archbishop Glenn Davies will write to churches on Friday, when the Public Health Orders are issued and further detail is known about the Premier's announcement.

See Covid-19 Church worker FAQ page.