Update on Bishop Lee

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The Bishop of Western Sydney, Bishop Ivan Lee has now been diagnosed with cancer in his liver.

Bishop Lee wrote an update on his health, thanking people for prayer support.

"So many of you have been upholding me and my family in prayer over the past three years, through two major surgeries and associated chemotherapy, so I want to thank you sincerely from the heart." Bishop Lee said. "But unfortunately cancer has appeared in my liver and my oncologist has ceased chemotherapy. I may be able to get into a new immunotherapy clinical trial that may prove to be effective. I have a screening on 2 January to see if I am suitable for the trial. Your continued prayers are very much appreciated."

Bishop Lee said he was "deeply aware of both God’s sovereign control and his comfort, and know that his will is best."

"Last week, my family had some time off together in the Blue Mountains, and as I sat on a balcony facing a magnificent panoramic view of mountains and valleys, it hit me that the renewed creation to come will be even better, where there will be no decay or suffering. All who trust in Christ as Saviour and Lord have this to look forward to after our short time on earth. “But according to his promise we are waiting for new heavens and a new earth in which righteousness dwells.” (2 Pet 3:13)"

"May this Christmas season be a great blessing to you all, and remind us that God has come down to us, that Christ is “God with us”, and that we have forgiveness and new life in Jesus if we simply put our trust in him and not in our own feeble good works." Bishop Lee said.



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