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Articles by Nick Gilbert

Bumper harvest at MBM

There is a huge number of people out there waiting to hear the gospel from Christians

Time to dine

Belmore Anglican Church has been connecting with its local community through regular community dinners. The plan for the 2018 dinners is to continue to expand on some brief interviews with church members that were introduced last year, and also seek to cater to the wide range of ethnic backgrounds represented.

The future for new churches in Sydney

Following the greenfields land acquisition levy synod turns its attention to constructing new churches in these areas that are expected to be rezoned as urban communities within the next 5 years.

Mega-ministry in Darwin

A Sydney church is gearing up to embark on its eighth youth mission up to the Northern Territory, in partnership with local churches.

Chaplaincy serves fast movers

Air Force chaplaincy is continuing to grow, as an increasing number of chaplains cater to the emotional and spiritual needs of men and women serving Australia in difficult jobs – often in far-flung locations.

Bible (and science) to the rescue

What’s more scientific than a calculator, more colourful than fireworks, and able to teach the Bible to a room full of children in a single morning?

Worthy the wait

In the history of Sydney evangelical music there are two names that have popped up time and time again.

Purposefully porn-free

The Archbishop's Taskforce for Resisting Pornography is preparing an information website for those in the Diocese and further afield who need tools to help support the rejection of porn.




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