Professional Standards Officer for Diocese of Sydney supports next Sunday’s Rally For Children

Mr Philip Gerber, Director of the Sydney Anglican Diocesan Professional Standards Unit, has indicated his support for the National Rally for the Children against child abuse and child sexual assault to be held next Sunday.

The rallies will be held in all capital cities. The Sydney event will begin at Sydney Town Hall Square, George Street next to St Andrew’s Cathedral at 1.00pm, and will move from there to Hyde Park, ending at 3.00pm.

“As the person responsible to Archbishop Jensen for child protection matters and clergy discipline throughout the Diocese I am glad that there are dedicated people like Mandy Dunn, the Sydney rally organiser, who give of their time and effort to ensure that the issue is kept before the public’s attention,” Mr Gerber said.

“As a community we cannot afford to forget this important issue just because the media has apparently dropped it and moved on to other matters.

“I will be attending the rally on Sunday and I encourage all other concerned Christians to join in and express their support,” he concluded.


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