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Media release

Archbishop’s tribute to Dr JI Packer

Anglican Diocese of Sydney

Public Statement on the death of Dr JI Packer

We have lost a great champion of the faith in the death of Dr Jim Packer.

Like John Bunyan's Mr Valiant-for-Truth, he stood for the authority of the scriptures against the erosion of trust in God's Word and has been a model for evangelicals around the world not only Anglicans but from all Christian denominations.

We were honoured to have him as a Canon of St Andrew's Cathedral as he visited Australia on many occasions.

Because he was such a prolific writer, Christians in future generations will benefit from his scholarship, evangelical fervour and heart for the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

With his widow Kit, all Anglicans will be saddened by his death but we rejoice in the saviour whom he proclaimed and in whose presence he now lives forever.

We thank God for giving us the gift of Jim Packer.

Archbishop Glenn Davies

18 July, 2020




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