I've now been writing at Sydney Anglicans for thirty weeks so I thought I'd take this opportunity to share with you a collection of thirty links. These are links to articles, resources and other online tidbits I've either come across in my internet travels, or have written about at Communicate Jesus So, in no particular order, here goes.

1. What the church can learn from Apple stores - reflections from a visit to an Apple store.
2. More resources for pursuing sexual purity following on from 'Pursuing sexual purity online', here are an additional six resources to be armed for the battle.
3.   I Am Second: Brian Welch - former Korn lead guitarist and co-founder shares how he came to know Jesus.
4. The Twitter Guide Book  - if you've got questions, the Guide Book has answers!
5. 30 ideas for community outreach- a three-part series to inspire creative outreach into your community.
6. The big word project - buy a word, and link it to a website. Thankfully, Christians have bought 'Jesus' (hmm, that sounded strange.). 
7. Wolfram Alpha - "the first step in an ambitious, long-term project to make all systematic knowledge immediately computable by anyone".
8. Technology and the mega church - an interview, plus a look inside.
9.    Saying no to loud people gives you the resources to say yes to important opportunities.
10. Fifty resources that will improve your writing skills - for those of us who love to (or need to) write, this is a great collection of resources.
11. Ten resources for improving your email communication - using email involves etiquette, convention and skill.
12. 35 reasons not to sin is great list of reminders. My heart needs to read this regularly.
13. What to do when the dot-com you want isn't available - the title speaks for itself!
14. Discerning Reader - book reviews for reformed readers by Tim Challies and others.
15. Faraway Fish - "the unique opportunity to record and preserve all your thoughts, your hopes and your dreams whilst you are still alive so that, after you die, they can be shared with the people that matter most to you".
16. Getting serious about your meeting problem - meetings are inevitable, but they can be made more painless and purposeful.
17. How to read a 291-page book in two hours - one way of reading the many books that sit on our bookshelves, unread.
18. 50 best websites for 2009 - a post from TIME magazine. 
19. Not Always Right - stories of humorous interactions with customers - a gold mine of sermon illustrations!
20. Mac or PC for Christian ministry - does your church use Macs or PCs? I'd be keen to hear your response.
21. The Big Picture - "news stories in photographs".
22. Social media revolution is a video seeks to prove that social media isn't a fad and is here to stay - with some amazing facts and figures.
23. Online tools and technology - a survey of mission organisations - mission organisations are invited to contribute to this survey of how they're using technology in their ministry.
24. Only two legal scenarios to download YouTube videos - a reminder to churches to abide by the terms of service
25. Making the most of technology to serve God and each other - struggling to convince your church as to the value and opportunities of technology? Here's my attempt in a recent weekly newsletter.
26. Blog commenting guidelines - Desiring God offered some helpful guidelines when they recently opened up their blog to comments.
27. Top 10 regrettable emails  - another post by TIME magazine.
28. Study reveals technology driving generation gaps - a reminder that different generations use technology differently, and neither should disregard the needs of the other.
29. 8 questions with Collision Media - an interview with a Christian creative business.
30.60 open source and free Mac apps - do you use a Mac? If so, here's a great collection of resources.

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