Tik Tok is not just the world’s fastest-growing social media platform – it’s also a unique way to connect with people all around the world. It differs from other social media platforms as the default is to engage with accounts that aren’t connected to you, which means it’s a great way to share what is important to you.

Tik Tok has seen a swell in downloads over the Coronavirus period. While it is well known for dance challenges, it has also been used to share educational and serious content. Christian Tik Tokers have been sharing their lives and stories in creative and fresh ways.

The short videos we’ve collected range from serious to joyful, but they all glorify God.

1. A 10-second testimony about coming back to the Bible


Praise God for the way he has worked in Megan’s life! 


2. A variation on “Bored in the House” that brings the glory back to God


What book of the bible have you guys been reading during quarantine?? �� Comment ➡️ ##boredinthehouse ##quarantine ##biblestudy ##fyp ##praise

♬ in the house bored - grayson.bearden


3. Speaking of reading the Bible…

How’s six months in Genesis? 


4. How we’re all going to feel when we can meet together again 

This could be an understatement to be honest. 


5. We all need God’s grace 


Put a finger down but struggling Christian edition �� ##putafingerdown ##christian ##jesus

♬ original sound - katediehl3

Seriously, we’re nothing without the love of Jesus. 


6. A reminder of our situation without Jesus 

We all need to be saved.


7. Aaaaand a dance number to wrap it up!

We couldn’t help it, it’s Tik Tok!