A national church gathering of the Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON) Australasia will hear from international leaders including GAFCON General Secretary, Archbishop Ben Kwashi. 

Archbishop Kwashi leads the church in Jos, a Nigerian region where Muslim Fulani extremists regularly attack Christian villages. Still in the planning stages, Archbishop Kwashi’s visit will include an address at the August 12-18 conference in Canberra as well as events in Sydney for Anglican Aid. 

“I look forward to welcoming to Australia Archbishop Ben Kwashi, a dear brother and partner in the gospel,” said the Rev Canon Tim Swan, CEO of Anglican Aid. 

“We are sharpening our focus on supporting persecuted Christians and we trust that Archbishop Kwashi’s steadfast proclamation of the gospel in the face of violent opposition will encourage Australian Christians to not only stand firm themselves, but join in wrestling in prayer for those suffering persecution around the world." 

The Rev Michael Kellahan, the executive officer of GAFCON Australia, agrees. “It is very good for Sydney Anglicans to hear what God is doing in and through our global Anglican brothers and sisters. We learn so much from those who have been faithful under persecution, who understand the cost of following Christ in hard places. They fuel our prayers and stiffen our spines.”

In addition to Archbishop Kwashi, American Archbishop Foley Beach – the chairman of the GAFCON Primates Council – is also expected to be in attendance. 

Says Mr Kellahan: “GAFCON has always been about a movement of Anglicans around the globe. At our Canberra conference in August we are delighted to welcome delegates from not just Australia but New Zealand and the South Pacific”. 

The conference will be held at the National Convention Centre and seminar hosts include Bishop Jay Behan of the newly formed Church of Confessing Anglicans Aotearoa New Zealand. 

See www.gafconaustralasia.org for more details.