A fierce blaze has destroyed one of the halls at St Thomas’ Church in Auburn.

No-one was injured in the blaze, although firefighters narrowly escaped as they rushed in to check the building before it collapsed.

The fire broke out mid-afternoon in the weatherboard and tin structure in Provincial Street at Auburn, which was mainly used for storage. The other hall was only slightly damaged by water although there were fears that the blaze could have spread to the main buildings or nearby homes.

At one stage, 50 firefighters were at the scene.

A 27 year old man has been charged with arson in relation to the blaze. 

"Thank God the neighbour noticed the fire and the lawn mowing guys were around, so the fire brigade was contacted very promptly and the fire was put out,” said the Rector David Zhang in a message to parishioners. “The old hall and all the contents was completely destroyed. The police and the fire people are investigating the cause of the fire. The rectory, main church building and church hall are safe."

"Praise God for our wonderful firefighters and police,” Mr Zhang said. "Thank God for no real damage to where it really matters. This world is not our home, everything we possess we can not take it with us. Christ Jesus is our King and Master, His kingdom is our destiny and eternal life in His kingdom is our hope."

Main Photo: Channel Seven news coverage of the fire showing the church building and newer hall at right.

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