According to Jack Faulkner, a day as a Youthworks Christian Outdoor Education trainee begins with quite a few giggles and an outfit check to ensure everyone is looking sharp – there’s a multitude of activities and adventures to look good for. 

Today he is helping lead a group of primary students at one of Youthworks' many campsites. setting up for group games, preparing hiking equipment and getting ready to rock climb. 

There’s plenty of running around, singing, time for a hearty lunch and ball games, followed by an afternoon exploring the bush and a range of other outdoor activities including abseiling, archery, and the planned rock climbing.

One of his top priorities: having fun!

His main priority? Sharing the word of God with the thousands of young people he meets.

Unique training for unique gospel opportunities

Mr Faulkner is completing an 18-month Christian Outdoor Education traineeship with Youthworks. It allows him to share the word of God with thousands of young people over the year, serving them in the great outdoors. 

Since 1984, Youthworks has trained more than 400 people to share the gospel while adventuring in creation. The trainees minister about 200 to children and youth nearly every week. 

Encouraged to do a traineeship by his youth minister, Mr Faulkner loves presenting Christ to kids and seeing them face challenges head-on. “Being able to explore God’s creation and marvel in it [with] those who come is something I will never take for granted,” he says. 

During their 18 months, trainees complete a Certificate III in Outdoor Leadership, begin working towards Cert IV training and grow in their character, convictions and competency as Christian leaders through study at Youthworks College. 

Thousands of students to share the gospel with

More than 12,000 children attend Youthworks Christian Outdoor Education camps each year.

The traineeship is a core part of Youthworks’ ministry to young people, raising leaders who can both safely run physical activities and clearly explain the grace and hope Jesus offers. 

“To have the opportunity to share the gospel, our team members must have the right level of training and qualification so that we can care for the physical needs of students and teachers in our care,” says Scott Balhatchet, Youthworks’ recruitment and development manager. “Through this training our team members are able to care for the people on our programs physically so that we can also help them spiritually.”


  • Praise God for 40 years of Youthworks Outdoor Christian Education and for those who have grown in their faith as a result of conversations and encouragement from Youthworks leaders
  • Pray for trainees to have continued energy and enthusiasm to engage well with students and spread the word of Jesus, helping those who are exploring or strengthening their faith
  • Pray that trainees would always be growing in their love of the Lord and seeking daily opportunities to share this love and have meaningful conversations about Jesus
  • Pray that God would provide people who are keen to be trained for this unique ministry and participate in sharing the gospel through outdoor adventures