Canon Malcolm Richards has been made the Bishop for International Relations in a ground-breaking consecration in Sydney. 

Bishop Richards, who was previously the General Secretary of the Church Missionary Society – NSW & ACT is the first to take on the full-time role without also having responsibilities as a Sydney Regional Bishop. He will also take up a parallel appointment as the Director of the Centre for Global Mission at Moore Theological College.

'Welcome' says fellow Bishop Peter Lin (left)

The former Bishop of George's River, Peter Tasker, pioneered the role of Bishop for International Relations, representing the Archbishop and the Diocese at consecrations, conferences, and making pastoral visits across the globe since 2009.

"What a mighty work. What a great responsibility. No wonder we should pray for you today," said Dr Jonathan Wei-Han Kuan in his sermon at the service at St Andrew's Cathedral on Saturday, 6th July. Dr Kuan is the State Director of CMS in Victoria.

Dr Kuan exhorting Bishop Richards


“Jesus is in the business of making peace between all cultures and between cultures and God through his atoning death on the cross" he said, reflecting the multi-cultural nature of the new bishop's role. "God is in the building industry. He is the master builder busily building his church ...a building made up of bricks of every language and culture and nation." Dr Kuan said.

Mrs Elizabeth Richards reads the Bible at the service

"Gods plan is international and intercultural in scope. Go with God’s plan - what God is already doing - making peace among the nations."

The international flavour continued at the last hymn, where the congregation was invited to sing 'To God be the Glory' in Swahili or any other language.