When Colin Buchanan took the stage at the GAFCON Australasia gathering in Brisbane he was cheered by the crowd and then led through the acronym that many people have trouble remembering.

“Global - Anglican - Future - Conference,” the popular singer said haltingly. “That’s GAFCON.” Host Jodie McNeill joked it could be called the 'Global Anglican Future Colin' given the popularity of his songs. This was immediately shown as the audience - on its own - did his popular Is 53 rap “We all like sheep have gone astray - Bah Bah Do Bah Bah."

The Building the Future Conference had an accent on young people and families and so a concert with Colin seemed appropriate. It ended with the toilet paper gun (above) and a glitter shower.

“I am an Anglican” said Colin as he raised his hand with the rest of the crowd from across Australia and New Zealand. For the adult session he led the crowd in singing ‘Be Strong and Courageous” and shared the inspiration for the song.

"I don't want to write Christian songs for kids, that when they get to ten, twelve, twenty, however old, (to have them say) Ah, that's just, that's all fluff, that's just a lie."

"I want to write things that I can put the weight of my own life and faith and mind and heart on. Then, when you type a two minute song, you've just got to drop that truth and state it, and then the repetition of that truth can just take root in young lives. I've just watched the comfort of God's truth stated directly and clearly do its job there."

Photo above: Colin, who once made the front page of the Sydney Telegraph when he put sunglasses on former GAFCON Secretary Archbishop Peter Jensen and made him do the Is 53 rap, this year made retiring GAFCON Global Operations Manager Daniel Willis perform on  stage.