Youthworks College on the move

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The campus of Youthworks College will move from southern Sydney to Moore College at Newtown from next year.

“Moving the College closer to the centre of Sydney is critical if the urgent shortage of children’s and youth ministers in the Sydney Diocese is to be addressed,” said Youthworks College Principal, the Rev Dr Bill Salier, in announcing the move.

Youthworks said the Loftus location was hampering its growth.

“Our research showed that one of the key impediments to more students coming to study at Youthworks College was its location in Loftus,” Dr Salier said. “We hope that by moving the College from the very edge of Sydney to its centre, our increased accessibility and visibility will bring more people to train for this most strategic ministry in our churches.”

Dr Salier said the demand for specialised Youth Ministers continues unabated.

“Young people matter to God and we need specially trained ministers to meet the unique cultural and spiritual challenges of ministry to young people, but every year the demand from our churches far outstrips supply,” says Dr Salier. “This year we’ve received over 30 calls from churches seeking specially trained leaders to oversee their children’s and youth ministries.”

Youthworks says the move follows wide consultations and 'a very generous proposal from Moore Theological College for the use of its site'.

Moore's Principal Dr Mark Thompson welcomed the move.

“A vital need of the moment is men and women committed to gospel work among children and youth in our city and beyond. Youthworks College under the principalship of Dr Bill Salier is uniquely placed to meet this need and its new location in Newtown alongside Moore College will significantly enhance this work. I am looking forward to building on the already close partnership between Moore and Youthworks College.” Dr Thompson said.

Youthworks College sees this as a strategic move that is aimed enhancing Youthworks College’s mission of raising up skilled youth and children’s ministers serving in churches and schools.  

 “We are also excited by the opportunities as yet unseen that will occur as a result of a change of this type. We believe it will further stimulate us to think through what we do, and how we do it, in the new space.” Dr Salier said.

“Youthworks College is grateful for the generosity of Moore College and the spirit of partnership this represents. We look forward to working side by side, albeit with our different audiences and programmes, sharing the common goal of strengthening Gospel ministry in Sydney and beyond” concluded Dr Salier.

While the Youthworks College diploma courses will move to Newtown from Term 1, 2017, the Year 13 discipleship gap year for Christian school leavers will continue to be based at the Wanawong campus at Loftus in Southern Sydney.



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