Are We There Yet by Ruth Baker was published by Ark House

Christians have always, and will continue to, experience difficulty in living the Christian life. There will be times when we feel distant from God. When we know that our faith is lukewarm. Maybe daily devotions and prayers have become a chore, or forgotten entirely. Perhaps church attendance is not as regular or as spiritually nourishing as it once was. The feeling of frustration is familiar because we know what to do to revive our faith, but it’s a struggle to do it. We feel inadequate and guilty, compared to the seemingly perfect Christians that surround us. 

A timely reminder of the truth of the Christian life

Are We There Yet? is a timely reminder that “the Christian journey doesn’t look like we think it should look”; and that the perfect Christian mentality – and a lack of understanding of why and how specific Christian habits are essential to nurture faith – often hinders our relationship with God from flourishing. 


Ruth Baker is systematic and logical in her examination of the proposed ideal habits and principles of a Christian (i.e. daily devotions and prayer, church attendance, evangelism and service). She highlights the contrast between the ideal versus reality. Scriptures from the Old and New Testament Scripture are consulted to provide understanding of why and how these habits are fundamental to nurture one’s faith. 

Psychological insights into real struggles 

Baker also uses psychological insight into human thinking and motivation to provide understanding of why we struggle to implement these habits, and subsequently provides thought experiments and activities that encourage readers to reflect on what assumptions, cultural and psychological barriers are impeding any rejuvenation of their faith. 

I found the book an enjoyable and easy read due to its conversational tone and hints of humour. It was also incredibly helpful for my own faith as the psychological explanations behind why Christians struggle with good habits not only provided greater understanding, but enabled me to critically reflect on the influences that negatively affect my faith - then specifically pray for the Lord to work in me to proactively nurture positive influences, and combat or avoid negative ones. 

Are We There Yet? is an excellent read, especially for those feeling lost or stagnant in their journey of faith. I would also highly recommend this book to those looking for guidance on establishing good Christian habits, understanding why we struggle to do so, and why these specific habits, values and attitudes are fundamentally important to Christian living.