Churches around the Anglican Communion are being urged to mark Sunday, June 26th as GAFCON Sunday, as the Global Anglican Future Conference enters its 14th year.

The movement began in 2008 in Jerusalem, where Anglicans met from around the world to work to heal and restore the Anglican Communion in the face of theological revision. The historic Jerusalem Declaration, made at that conference, still guides the movement.  

“Over the past two years our world has been changed due to the Covid pandemic and we have all faced unique and difficult challenges,” says the call from the leadership for GAFCON Sunday. “Many of us could not gather in person and may still find gathering is difficult, especially meeting face-to-face with people from across the world. Pentecost Sunday has just past with the timely reminder and assurance that we are not alone because the promised Holy Spirit is with us to comfort us in our daily living.”

What is Gafcon? Overview video from GAFCON Official on Vimeo.

Among the activities urged for June 26th are prayer, preaching and a collection for the work. The goal for appeal this year is US$150,000, to help the planning of the fourth GAFCON global conference to be held in Kigali in April 2023.

Churches are urged to pray the GAFCON collect

Eternal God and gracious Father, whose blessed Son Jesus Christ died for our redemption; commissioned His disciples to preach the good news; and sent the indwelling Holy Spirit in every generation to embrace and proclaim salvation in Christ alone: 

Arise and defend your Church, the pillar and bulwark of the truth.  

Shine the light of your Holy Word upon hearts darkened by error and strengthen the work of Gafcon so that the Anglican Communion throughout the world proclaims Christ faithfully to the nations, that captives may be set free, the straying rescued, and the confused restored.

Bind your children together in truth, love, unity and courage, that we, with all your saints, may inherit your eternal kingdom, through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, Amen.

More information at GAFCON’s website.