Two new appointments have made history in the Diocese as Briony Bounds has become the new Diocesan Secretary and Catherine Rich the new Registrar – the first women in both roles.

Mrs Bounds was appointed by the Standing Committee to replace Daniel Glynn, who has held the role for five years.

“It has been my privilege to serve as Diocesan Secretary and Secretary of the Synod... I give thanks to God for the opportunity to serve, and the people I have served alongside in that time,” Mr Glynn said. “However, after prayerful consideration, I have determined that it is time to resign both of these offices… I will take leadership of a new team within SDS focused upon providing enhanced support to parishes.”

Mrs Bounds took over the roles at the end of Synod and during the session was warmly welcomed. Dr Robert Tong, moving the motion for her election as Synod Secretary, said, “Our God has been very kind in providing diocesan and Synod secretaries endowed with qualities, gifts and experience required to meet the challenges of the time. 

“When we needed finance and organisation skills, we had Wilfred Hutchinson in the 1960s, succeeded by Warren Gotley [1973-1997]; then we needed legal skills, so came Mark Payne, [who] was followed by Rob Wicks. The electronic information age gave us the incomparable Daniel Glynn; now the all-encompassing reach of corporate governance into all our activities leads us thankfully to Mrs Briony Bounds.” 

Mrs Bounds has extensive experience as a professional company secretary.  Before joining Sydney Diocesan Services in July 2018 she worked in roles at the Royal Australian College of Physicians, the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority and Sydney Water. 

In seconding the motion, Dr Laurie Scandrett pondered: “What is the collective noun for a group of diocesan secretaries? It has to be a ‘blessing”, for we are truly blessed by them.”

Mrs Catherine Rich will also assume office as the new Diocesan Registrar after Synod. The Registrar is responsible for the records of those licenced for ministry as well as other officeholders and parish information. Mrs Rich has worked for the diocese for 28 years and has been Deputy Registrar since 1997. She is also the Registrar of the Province of NSW. 

“Mrs Rich has a wealth of experience and an encyclopaedic knowledge of our parishes,” Archbishop Raffel said. “I’m delighted to appoint her as Registrar. We have been blessed by her work.”